Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Social media is a great way for small businesses just like yours to reach new clients. So why aren't you getting new business?

The problem for a lot of entrepreneurs is they’re busy posting to Facebook & Instagram but don't have a real strategy.

In order to get new clients from Facebook and Instagram you need to be creating different types of content.

You need posts for:

  • Visibility so your new clients can find you.

  • Know-like-and-trust that lets potential clients get to know you as a person not just an anonymous business on the internet.

  • Taking action – posts that make it absolutely clear what you do, who you serve and what’s the problem you solve. You also need to make it clear how somebody can hire you.

The Social Media Content Recipe Book includes 150 content ideas for your Instagram and Facebook feed from each of these categories.

Just like a food cookbook, the Social Media Content Recipe Book is not meant to be used from cover to cover. You mix and match depending on the type of post you need for that day.

The Social Media Content Recipe Book means you’ll no longer be spinning your wheels posting just for the sake of posting.

You’ll know that each time you post to Facebook or Instagram you’re doing it for a specific reason – visibility, know-like-trust or leads & sales.


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